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Merry Christmas
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image  1 Scent of pure pine
November 11, 2023

Faux Christmas trees are great, but there’s one missing element that can truly make your home feel magical💫 - the wonderful, natural scent!
And while I appreciate the scent of pure pine, I’ve just found this incredible fragrance that is so much more “Pinecones & Holly”!
It’s like a fusion of all the holiday aromas in one bottle - it’s clean and subtle, with a hint of sweet berry and vanilla, and incredibly fresh - I just can’t get enough of it! Plus it doesn’t have that harsh pine smell🌲, maintaining just the right balance.
And my new Tower Scent Diffuser from Hotel Collection can scent up to 800 sq ft, so my entire living room is filled with that amazing scent😍!
Hotel Collection also offers a wide variety of scents all inspired by luxury 5-star hotels around the world.